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New Dj's

Posted on 18 March, 2011 at 11:28
The Studio Club has always had a policy of promoting local talent. Local DJ's such as Shotgun, Prophecy, blade and Too Tall had their first experience of playing to a crowd
at the Studio Club, most of them have gone on to bigger and better things.
There has however been a change of attitude amongst party goers regarding DJ's. This may be in part due to the numbers of would be DJ's that have sprung up.
Seasoned DJ's are being oused by clubs and replaced by fresh faced youths. Pubs and clubs are under so much pressure to reduce costs that it seems an attractive proposition, but what do they get in return? Is it cool to be upfront?. The new brand of DJ's have all the latest downloads, they're young enough to be in with the in crowd, but do they have what it takes?.
What is a DJ? A disc jockey, also known as DJ (or deejay), is a person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience (wiki). Playing for an audience suggests that you play what they want, songs they can sing a long to and not for yourself. Some people seem to think adding DJ to their name makes them a sort of instant mini superstar and they grow an ego to match. A professional DJ does not drink to excess or smoke weed while on duty and certainly does not hit on every member of the opposite sex they encounter.  You want a DJ who is fun, lively and can get the party started (and keep it going) but not one who is likely to end up being the only (bad) memory your guests have of your event.
This year the Studio Club intends to strike a balance, hosting local DJ's on Fridays and Professional DJ's on Saturdays. It will be interesting to see the difference it makes as a good DJ can make or break more than just an event.   

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Reply wareika
16:58 on 18 March, 2011 
Yeah interesting comment I think the download culture has had a negative effect on djing, sound systems and clubs in the last 5 or so years, before only really passionate music lovers became djs or sound men.
Now its to easy for some, they don't have to spend no money on tune but want big wages, don't have to lift no speakers or amps case some dont even own their own cd decks, they want to borrow next djs headphones or mic (if they got the skills to use it, most don't and sound shit) its crap really nuff want instant fame without doing any graft i suppose its the x factor, celeb magazine world were living in, most of the djs i really rate are well over 30, and thats not me being an old moaner because i play just as upfront as any young dj
Reply TooTall
1:49 on 22 March, 2011 
Its a funny old game now and hard to put ya finger on a specific reason why its changed so much - clubs are saving money on djs who are happy to not get paid and certain djs are taking exposure and Attention as wages but what does it show you - same as what happened before djs were in clubs... You would have live entertainment but that evolved into ONE man plAying records - this then became a skill and people recognised it as such - now you have 'as we call it' the download dj who doesn't have to do much to keep up with what's new and what's big - the running theme always seems to be cost reduction - it of course stems from govt taxing everyones earnings as quick as anyone can earn it - from customer to club and from club to dj less money is there to be spent - other influences are smoking ban, yob culture and towns high drink prices which are reasons why crowds are dwindling down- a pub in town does drinks for 1.50 on certain days and on those days the place is PACKED with the most faceless random dj you could imagine - on the days drink prices go to normal the place is empty - so what is the attraction now a days cheap drinks good Djs nice venues? Good security - Who knows but as for Dj quality i can't see anything changing until clubs start being more genre specific instead of trying to please everyone and only acheiving this for half hour per person in any one night
Reply Wareika Turning Point Sound
22:26 on 24 March, 2011 
Yes raspect Daddy 2tall, you have raised some good points still, heres a few of mine. Yeah money is a major factor in it nowadays, but everybody who really undrstands djing and sound culture will know that its not about money or 15mins of fame, Its really sad that djs and soundmen who put in the graft over the years buying records, voicing specials/dubs, buying/replacing amps, speakers etc cant even earn more than a petrol/taxi/beer money when they play. classic example when Turning Point started in 1991 we played a blues in Bury Park in Luton and earned £150.00 we struggle to earn that now 20yrs later!! it cant just be about the recsession there were hardships in the 80s and 90s ( remember Thatcher) but i suppose life changes certain things fade out, how many youts nowadays would go in the back of a van full of 18inch bass bins all the way to bristol/huddersfield etc for a few quid. I for one think that over the years WE all have taken the thing for granted and not invested probably in the game bar from dubs and new equipment how have we all collectively moved the industry forward, hence still no radio station, studios, cd shop, flyer design, magazine, websites etc. we must all try to work together if we can to uplift ourselves and the music starting with getting the studio banging again. Check me every last friday of the month @ Studio Club, One Love. Wareika Turning Point
Reply j
18:11 on 19 December, 2011 
It has been an interesting year! Having DJ's has again proved to be a conundrum. PPL quadrupled the price of music licenses in 2005 only to be halted by the BPA. They are now looking at 4000% rise in license fees. Is it worth the fuss?

DJ's have already succeeded in undermining the market place. Established DJ's are now unable to attract the sort of money they did 2 or 3 years ago; partly due to the download culture that has seen so many newbies pop up and partly due to their own naivety. At a time when pubs and clubs have come to rely on them, DJ's have become mercenary.

DJ's have not focussed on bringing people in to venues and in the most part are reluctant to have their money linked to performance. Instead they can be found knocking on the doors of venues that already attract a crowd in the hope of cashing in.

With the reduction in the numbers of venues and dwindling numbers of party goers is the DJ fast approaching the end of the road?.
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